As this is a travel website and blog , I will take you on a journey around the globe , researching and visiting fantastic travel destination , sampling their food and wine. Bulgaria has has always been a dream destination of mine.

My imagination has always painted a picture of gorgeous architecture and sweet old folks inviting me in for a drink and a chat.

So I have decide to start researching it as my next destination.

I always believe the best recommendations come from folks living in the country I want to visit , so after a little research on the net , I found this wonderful blog


So as a summary itinerary that he suggests ( face it who doesn’t like an summary¬†¬†)

  • Bansko – for skiing, snowboarding in fact anything snow related and even paragliding, remember Jazz Fest in August , even Hint Hunt has arrived – great fun with friends
  • Plovdiv – vibey city, great restuarants and bars
  • Rhodpoi Mountains – excellent hiking
  • Vitosha Mountain(Sofia) – spectacular view
  • Sozopol – best spot on the coast of the back sea

Travel to Bulgaria Folk dancers

Stay tuned for more information on my Ecologcal Travels